Reading, Writing, Math, and Volleyball

My name is Aidan Bradley and I would be delighted if you chose me as your tutor. I believe I am qualified to teach math as I have, through my highschool tenure, taken Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2 and Honors Precalculus. I also am qualified to teach reading or english as I have taken upper level classes that delve deep into these topics such as AP language and composition, Honors English 1 and Honors English 2.


Math and Volleyball

I am currently a rising senior at Albert Grannis Lane Technical College Preparatory High School who specializes in physics, math, and volleyball. I am in the STEM program at Lane which required me to have participated in two science fairs and take AP Physics I. I play volleyball in high school and for a club. I have had two years of varsity experience at Lane and my recent club team qualified for nationals which few teams do.



Soccer, Math, Reading, Social Studies, Writing, Spanish, and Science

My name is Ellie and I go to Walter Payton College Prep. I love to play soccer and would enjoy playing with and helping other kids. I also have been reading a lot, running a lot, and taking a lot of walks with my mom. I love playing outside and I also love kids but would be happy to tutor inside as well. I have tutored all year this past year, the fall-early spring at Jenner Elementary and the late spring-early summer through an organization called Connect Chicago in which I tutor over zoom. My preferred activity would be tutoring as I have a lot of experience in this. I am super friendly and outgoing with people so pair me with anyone and I’m sure we’ll get along!


Fantasy Sports, Tennis, Frisbee, Softball, Piano, Math, Science, History/Social Studies, Hebrew, and Jewish Studies

I am an incoming junior at Walter Payton College Prep who has taken Pre-Calculus BC, Advanced Placement US History, Honors Chemistry and Physics as well as other classes. I am on the Walter Payton Girls Tennis Team and the Ultimate Frisbee team. I’ve played piano for 9 years and started Muslim Jewish Alliance at Payton. I am a leader of Jewish Student Connection and a Diller Teen Fellow as well as a JUF research training intern. One of my biggest prides is being a 2-time champ of my fantasy football league!



Math, Government, Baseball, and Fantasy Football

I am currently a rising senior in the Double Honors program at Lincoln Park High School. I am a member of the National Honor Society and a Freshman Mentor for my school. I play on both the Varsity Baseball team and Varsity 16” Softball team. I have taken predominantly honors courses as well as AP Statistics, AP Government and Politics, and AP Language and Composition. My favorite subjects to teach include Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, and Government/History. I enjoy watching sports, competing in fantasy football, as well as hanging out with friends.


Test Prep, Volleyball, Science Olympiad, Science, Writing, Reading, Spanish, and Math

I recently graduated from Walter Payton College Prep, and am a rising sophomore at Duke University. I’ve taken 9 AP classes, including AP Spanish Language and AP English Literature. I play club volleyball, participate in Science Olympiad, and in my spare time tutor my younger than brother for standardized test prep.



History/Social Studies, Geography, Social Studies, Government, Basketball, and Soccer

I’m a rising senior at Walter Payton College Prep, and I love to play and watch sports. I am on the varisty Basketball and Soccer team (where I am captain). I have taken AP World, AP Human Geography, and AP US History. I live on the north side of Chicago and have 3 younger siblings.


Basketball, Soccer, Math, Science, Video Games, and Card Games

I am currently a junior at Walter Payton. I like to play all sports, but my favorite is basketball. I enjoy playing cards and video games, and my favorite subjects are Math and science.



Basketball, Fantasy Sports, Entrepreneurship, Math, Science, and Writing

I'm currently a rising senior at Walter Payton College Prep who has taken AP Calc BC and AP Lang among other AP and honors classes. Also, I am currently taking AP Physics C, Computer Science, and AP Stats. I played basketball in high school and for Maccabi Freshman and Sophomore year, and have taken part in a Future Founders entrepreneurship program, Pass it Forward service project, Spotivity internship, and created Teens to Teach.


Music, Piano, and Guitar

My name is Joel Fisher and music is my passion. I am a Bernard Zell alumni, a multi-instrumentalist, member of the Northside College Prep Jazz Band and School of Rock Chicago. I can’t wait to teach other kids and help them with music.



Basketball, Swimming, Violin, Guitar, Math, and History/Social Studies

I enjoy playing sports as I am on varisty softball, swimming, and track, but I like playing music, working on projects, and creating broadcast videos as well.


Badminton, Embroidery/sewing, Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Service Learning Education and Coding/Computer Science

My name is Kate Ariathurai and I am a rising senior at Walter Payton College prep. I love to sew/embroider and play badminton in my spare time, and I have taken classes in sewing and I have played varsity badminton for three years. I have had a lot of experience in all of the core subjects at varying levels and have taken classes such as AP Language and Composition as well as AP Human Geography. I have especially taken a lot of STEM classes at higher levels such as AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science Principles and honors level math classes through precalculus. I also love to volunteer and am able to tutor in service learning education which includes the Chicago specific poverty cycle. I took a similar class at Northwestern and I have worked at the National Runaway Safe-line for over a year. I am exicted to start tutoring!



Art, Photography, English, Journalism, Sailing, Softball, and Yoga

I go to Payton and run environmental club, photography club, and ski and snowboard club there. I sail for payton and have played softball and basketball in the past. Out of school, I am the secretary for the Chicago Youth Alliance for Climate Action. I am also a blog editor and writer for Intersect Magazine, a music journalism magazine. In my free time, I like to hike, do yoga, go to the beach, and listen to music.


Volleyball, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Spanish

I'm currently a rising senior at Walter Payton College Prep. Throughout high school, I have taken AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP English Language and Composition. I have also been taking Spanish since I was in kindergarten and will be enrolled in AP Spanish for my senior year. I have played club volleyball for four years and have been a member of Walter Payton's varsity volleyball team for two years. I am especially interested in political science and biology; I am a part of several clubs such as Chicago Youth Science Journal, Mock Trial, Science Olympiad and Model UN that help me continue growing my passion for those subjects. I also enjoy volunteering at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights by registering new citizens to vote.



Math, Computer Science, Spanish, Reading, Writing, and History/Social Studies

My name is Lucy and I am currently a rising senior at Walter Payton College Prep. My favorite subjects in school have always been math and computer science. Recently, I developed the website for the Payton girls volleyball program, Code.Chi (a coding conference for high school girls two of my friends and I put on), as well as various nonprofit organizations. In school, I am involved in many different clubs and organizations. I am a member of National Honors Society, the Society of Women Engineers, Girls Who Code, the varsity girls volleyball team, and I hold leadership positions in Best Buddies, the Get Coding! club, and the Youth Wellness Team.


Math, Science, History/Social Sciences, and Lacrosse

Madi is a rising Senior at Whitney Young where she is currently a member of NHS, the Vice President of the state recognized Mock Trial Team, and Varsity Lacrosse Team. Outside of school, Madi recently graduated from the Northwestern Memorial Discovery Program. Also, she is the president of her Jack and Jill chapter and serves her time at many volunteer organizations. Some things that she likes to do for fun include, traveling, exploring trendy restaurants around the city, and spending time with my friends and family.



Math, Science, Reading, Writing, History/Social Studies, Baking, Soccer, and Running

My name is Olivia Sotos, and I am a rising senior at Walter Payton College Prep. AP classes I have taken include: Human Geography, U.S. History, Language & Composition, Computer Science Principles, and Biology. I have played soccer for six years at Chicago City, Northwind, and Chicago Fire, and have played for three years at Payton. I am an avid runner and a part of the Payton cross country team, and I also like to bake in my freetime. I have been a tutor with the Ogden tutoring program, Quarantutors, and am now the Tutoring Coordinator for Payton's NHS chapter.


Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Math, Science, History/Social Studies, Reading, Writing, and Art/Crafts

I am 17 years old and attend the Latin School of Chicago. I love being active and have been involved in athletics my entire life. I run cross country/track and play basketball in high school, but have participated in soccer and volleyball for years as well. Beyond sports, I am very engaged in the classroom and would love to tutor in any subject, especially writing. I am a part of many clubs at my school and would also enjoy leading fun, crafty activities.



Math, Dance, and Cooking

I go to Jones College Prep and I love hanging out with kids! I have tutored many kids in my neighborhood, and have a younger sibling who is 11. I am very patient and truly enjoy learning, and want to bring my love for that to younger kids! I have taken AP Stats and AP Lang, and I am an avid political advocate.


Soccer, Video Games, Math, Reading, Writing, and Science

I am a rising senior at Walter Payton College Prep. I have taken AP Calc and AP Lang. I’ve played soccer since I was 5. I am fluent in Spanish. I’ve been a part of Model UN and Spanish Honors Society.



Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Sailing, Baseball, Football, Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Spanish, Fishing, Guitar, Violin, Skateboarding, Working Out, and Outdoor Skills

My name is Robert Daszynski and I am a rising senior at Walter Payton College Prep. I am STEM-focused, however, I am proficient in English and Spanish classes as well if your child would like assistance in those areas. So far I have taken 7 AP classes including the challenging AP US History and AP Biology courses. At Walter Payton, I have played on the school basketball, golf, track, and tennis teams, have been team captain of the school's sailing team, started 2 clubs, and have been 1st violin of the section violins in our school's orchestra. Besides school, I play various instruments such as guitar and violin, read, write, and speak fluent Polish and have tutored younger high school kids in the past. What allows me to be an exceptional tutor is my relaxed position and experience dealing with younger children as I have a younger sister, who I frequently tutor, and have been a camp counselor for 3 years now. I thoroughly enjoy passing down the skills and knowledge I have learned as it serves both parties in a positive way. Please contact me for more info on how I can assist your child!


Coding, Biology, Beekeeping, Soccer, and Math

My name is Sarah Rhone and I am currently a rising senior at Walter Payton. I have taken two computer science classes and teach coding classes to young girls in my free time. I played soccer in high school, and my family has a personal beehive which I help take care of. I am very passionate in the STEM field and love teaching it to inspire others.



Softball, Art/Crafts, Baking, and Science

My name is Sasha leavitt and I am a freshman at Lincoln Park high school. I play softball and for the past couple years I have played volleyball as well. I like to paint and draw and I also really like to bake!


Baseball, History/Social Studies, Geography, Risk, Podcasting, Life Skills, Reading, Writing, and 16 inch softball

My name is Seth Berger and I am currently a rising senior at Walter Payton College Prep. I play varsity baseball and 16-inch softball. In addition to varsity baseball, I play on a national level travel team at Top Tier Baseball. My favorite school subjects are History/Social Studies, Geography, Reading, and Writing. I have taken rigorous courses such as AP US History, AP Human Geography, and AP Language and Composition. I am also the founder and editor of The Walk-On Podcast which is a podcast interviewing notable ex-collegiate athletes and notable collegiate coaches. I also have a love for learning factual knowledge pertaining to Sports, History, Geography, Movies, and more!



Math, Science, History/Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Spanish, and Test Prep

I will be a senior at Walter Payton College Prep. At school, I am the co-president of the Sexuality Education Activism club, on the board of directors for the Gender Equity for Teens conference, and part of the National Honors Society. I also participate in history fair and attended the national competition in Washington DC. Outside of school, I play classical piano and volunteer at the National Runaway Safeline. Additionally, I have tutored elementary school students at Jenner elementary for three years, helping with homework and test prep.


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